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Recent content by Geoff_C

  1. Geoff_C

    iPad ?

    iPad Mini 4, Kuuqa tablet holder and Penivo Sun Hood works well for me.
  2. Geoff_C

    Ipad Mini thoughts

    I use a iPad Mini 4 Wi-fi only and find it excellent. It's mounted on a KUUQA Aluminium Alloy Foldable Tablet Stand Holder and the spring-loaded tablet holder is just strong enough to hold it securely without squeezing the Mac Mini. I also use a PENIVO Sun Hood which slips over both ends. I...
  3. Geoff_C

    Palm landing/ take off?

    I agree with Imel2005. The motors don't appear to speed up - they just cut out when it's 90 degrees. I'll do another test and report back.
  4. Geoff_C

    Palm landing/ take off?

    I have grabbed my MA then turned it 90 degrees and the engines have shut off - just like the Spark. Not sure if this is recommended but it worked.
  5. Geoff_C

    Deluxe lightweight waterproof folding launch pad

    Ummm... it needs a re-design. It worked okay on grass the first time I tried it but blew away on a dusty gravel path. Maybe a slightly heavier board.
  6. Geoff_C

    Deluxe lightweight waterproof folding launch pad

    I wanted something to take off and land on that would protect the gimbal and was quick to slip into the bag or pocket once my MA was in the air so made this out of a A4 sheet of Polyboard and Duck Tape. Leave a 1cm gap between the boards so it will fold. Seems to work okay.
  7. MA Landing Pad 01

    MA Landing Pad 01

  8. MA Landing Pad 02

    MA Landing Pad 02

  9. MA Landing Pad 03

    MA Landing Pad 03

  10. Geoff_C

    White glow round Mavic Air shadow

    Thanks for your fascinating explanation. Now you mention it, I used to do a lot of aerial photography when I was a news photographer and I can now remember the same effect round the aircraft shadow. It's amazing that the same effect happens when the drone is only about 15 feet from the ground.
  11. Geoff_C

    White glow round Mavic Air shadow

    While circling round a flag at our golf club I noticed a white glow round the shadow of my new Mavic Air. It's quite feint but definitely there and I can't see any other issues with the overall video quality. Can anyone explain why this is happening please?
  12. Geoff_C

    Setting customise button to gimbal straight down

    On my Spark RC it's possible to set one of the customise buttons to flick the gimbal to straight down which I found very useful. I can't seem to find this feature on the Mavic Air and wondered if there's a reason for this?
  13. Geoff_C

    Red or white?...sounds like wine

    Thanks very much for all your suggestions. I ordered the Flame Red at lunchtime last Thursday on the DJI website and it was delivered the next morning - great service. It's beautiful. Only trouble is the weather has been lousy since I got it and it sits on my desk saying "fly me fly me fly me!"
  14. Geoff_C

    Red or white?...sounds like wine

    Thanks to you all for your useful suggestions. Much appreciated. Having had a white Spark, I think I'll try the Flame Red Air, although I take your point about white reflecting the heat, but being in the UK this is not such a problem!
  15. Geoff_C

    Red or white?...sounds like wine

    I'm about to purchase the Mavic Air Fly More Combo having enjoyed the Spark for 10 months or so, but I would really appreciate some help choosing between the Flame Red or Arctic White. Which in your experience would be more visible at 100 yards/meters? I'm leaning towards the red because it...