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Recent content by Gindra

  1. Gindra

    Total Flight Time

    If you had been using AirData then the info will be there, assuming that you had been syncing the DJI flight logs with AirData.
  2. Gindra

    When practicing becomes more than just not crashing

    Yeah. With all the sophisticated hardware and software on these birds, it would be great if they could stupid proof them! The smarter they get the dumber I become! It was great when I could blame mistakes on the tech. ;)
  3. Gindra

    Tinyrigs lanyard

    I trimmed the PGYTech cover to accommodate the Roboterwerk so I don't have to remove it. Easy to do. I like this setup as it is more balanced.
  4. Gindra

    mavic lighting

  5. Gindra

    How to estimate likely alt of manned aircraft landing

    I like using the FlightRadar24 app which gives me the speed and elevation of aircraft in my area. I really had no idea of what the elevation of various aircraft was when eyeballing it.
  6. Gindra

    Oregon State Capitol & Cherry Blossoms (Just prior to closing of all state parks)

    Great video and nice flying and editing. So, Thanks for posting. :)
  7. Gindra

    Too-Quick Messages

    I hook up my AirPods via BlueTooth to my SC. I don't know which notifications I still miss because there is no audio associated with them, but the audio notifications I do get now are really helpful.
  8. Gindra

    Hi from Chicago

    Welcome from an Old Chicagoan! You will learn SO much here. At least I did...and DO everyday.
  9. Gindra

    Filming Legal Advice

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. Gindra

    Example of stupidity

    Thanks @sar104. Good to know.
  11. Gindra

    Example of stupidity

    Yes, but I understand that it is next to impossible to get. Have you had success doing so?
  12. Gindra

    Has anyone tried to download and use Roblox on the DJI Smart Controller?

    I'm really protective of my SC's resources and haven't installed anything other than Litchi and AirData. It is too important a device for me to want to use as anything other than a controller. But that's just me :).
  13. Gindra

    Please Advise - Strobes on Mavic 2 Zoom

    I have the same setup. Two reds in front. Two whites in back. Helps with orientation as well as VLOS. And having the L.A.N.D. feature is a plus, one that I hope to never need but nice to know it's there.
  14. Gindra

    Example of stupidity

    I fully understand the VLOS requirement and really try to abide by it. But all it takes for me to lose sight of the drone sometimes is a momentary glancing down at the controller. The telemetry info is super important and the notifications that pop up are so easily missed if we don't keep one...