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  1. Intelair

    From the OCEAN to the SKY

    I have been there many years ago and the way in which you featured the Island was just terrific. Did you do any post or is that your video untouched? Great job and welcome to the blog. Ric in San Diego
  2. Intelair

    other than losing the drone - worst nightmare this morning

    I know the feeling. I painted a huge "S" (Stupid) on my forehead for a day after this one: Beautiful Southern California day, at the coast North of San Diego. Saw a fishing trawler ploughing Northbound about a mile off the coast and decided to fly out and capture some "action" video. Sport...
  3. Intelair

    A UFO at 7 minutes in.

    Looks like a bird diving for a dinner !!
  4. Intelair

    Tips for flying in urban areas?

    This is some really quality video of Hong Kong. As an airline pilot I do not recall the beauty reflected here. Probably missed it because I was always shooting an ILS through some soupy, smoggy, soupy air. I would love to read some information on how this was captured. It must be a very good...
  5. Intelair

    We are not pilots

    Excellent reply. I am a retired Airline Captain and Life Flight Helicopter pilot with many 1000s of hours in 83 countries. That being said, "only being a drone pilot does not relieve you of one smitten of responsibility when it comes to safety of flight issues, protection of property and...
  6. Intelair

    Retired Airline Captain

    Retired Airline Captain
  7. Intelair

    Las Vegas strip

    As a retired Airlines Captain of 31 years and with 3 years recreational drone experience, I am astonished at the blatant disregard for human safety and total ignorance this "drone pilot" has displayed by shooting this video. I wish I could have him in the jump seat of a 747 during a near miss...