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Recent content by Latawiec

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    Backpack recommendations

    Same here. Can't wait to get my camo delivered in December.
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    Mavic Mini vs. Mavic Air

    Yeah, I meant QuickShots.
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    Mavic Mini vs. Mavic Air

    I sold the MA fly more combo and all accessories I managed to get in a year of ownership. The total came to nearly £900. As the MA is a quite high spec drone I was tempted to get all the extras to make the most of it, and then it showed its limitations - hence the upgrade to M2P. As staded in...
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    Mavic Mini vs. Mavic Air

    I should said, I couldn't keep it as I needed the money to fund the M2P, so the MA was sold. I hope that's more clear now.
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    Mavic Mini vs. Mavic Air

    Well... I bet most ppl has most of their photos taken with the smart phone or point and shot cameras than dslr's, despite of owning both. I have upgraded my MA to M2P for better stills, flight time and the convinience of smart controller. I would love to keep my Air for its portability, hovewer...
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    Aux lights

    Such device is already available.
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    Feelworld FW279 with Mavic 2

    Nope. Feelworld is just a monitor and works on the same principle as any desktop computer monitors. It need to have a video signal input from another device. It will work great with the smart controller.
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    What’s in your drone bag? - new pilot

    I like the minimalist approach so the bag of my choice is Tenba Messenger DNA 10. Originally purchased for my Mavic Air, currently using for M2P. Apart the pictured stuff I am also able to fit inside 10" tablet, wallet, keys, and outside a water bottle.. Excellent bag that after taking off the...
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    question about smart controller

    Hi. Are you sure you didn't pushed the "back" button that is located very next to to the left stick? You will be surprised how many ppl here has reported this issue just to find out that they accidentally were hitting the return button. Some even has 3d printed some kind of guard to prevent this...
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    Hand take offs and hand landing

    I do hand launching and hand landing all the time my M2, and I was my Mavic Air the whole previous year. Even my 6 year old son is capable of doing that with both of the drones.
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    Anyone using a mulit battery charger?

    Thanks Fred. It's a shame they has missed on putting an usb port. I will stick to my Yx charger for now.
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    Anyone using a mulit battery charger?

    Hi. I am looking forward to read about your experience with this charger. I came across it on Amazon UK, however I couldn't find any reviews. I like the form factor of this charger, and the versatility of feeding it from mains or 12V car/motorcycle socket.
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    Camera protector scratches...

    Purely esthetic, I guess...
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    Controller Size

    The biggest tablet I used with mavic air controller (the same size as M2) was ipad mini 4, firmly fitted in the clamps. I don't think anything bigger than this will fit there and remain secured.
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    Camera tilts slightly when moving drone left or right.

    I don't think that's the right behaviour. What about tripod mode? It's still the same? I haven't noticed anything like it in my M2P, unless in Sport mode. What about the gimbal calibration?