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Recent content by Latawiec

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    Master Airscrew Mavic Air Props now available

    Hehs, I got similar email from them back in April shortly after the MA v1 was released, that it will be available in mid of April in Europe via Amazon. I think I am in wrong Europe or something.. Lol.
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    Which is best?

    I would go for the brightest. I never had the Huawei pad but I had the ipad mini, which was quite dark. Darker than the Acer Iconia 7, which I was using more often due the better brightness and mobility - very lightweight in comparison with Ipad.
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    Official Mavic Air Range Leaderboard!

    Not the longest distance here but... 3.2km one way, 6.5km round flight without any loss of connection or video lag with FCC hack. It would go another 1km if I was a bit more crazy. Lol. 32% of battery left on landing.
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    Low down dirty DIY tablet holder. Show us yours.

    Have you tested the mount in the field yet? I am a bit concerned about the magnet. It can mess up the craft compass when stored together close by, and make the compass calibration in the field impossible while holding the remote in one hand and the craft in another during the calibration.
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    Master Airscrew Mavic Air Props now available

    Just got the answer... Hi Dominik, Hope to have them soon. Cannot confirm pricing before-hands unfortunately. Thanks for your understanding. Best regards, MAS Team
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    Master Airscrew Mavic Air Props now available

    I just emailed Master Airscrew Europe, when they are expecting to have them in stock.
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    Huawei p20 pro compatibility

    I am a p20 pro and MA owner, and I can confirm that this setup works flawlessly.
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    PolarPro or Skyreat ND filters

    And what you think the Mavmount is? Apart the good designed plate, the rest is just cheap Chinese stuff - you can get exact ball head, tablet mount and neck strap, all for under $10, so whatever the Mavmount cost, it's a total rip off as even well made plate doesn't justify the $50 plus mark.
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    Mavic Air - motor gimbal overload

    Just make sure you don't have any source of magnetic field near by. It could be a small magnet in your jacket fastening/studs, mobile phone case, watch strap, any kind of jewelry. I had the same frustrating experience, when my Air wouldn't calibrate in places I used to fly in the past regularly...
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    I got a Mavmount 3.0 delivered today. I manged to get it on ebay, used for just £40. In my opinion the Mavmount is well overpriced for what it is. The base is well made and fit the controller well and... That's it. The rest is just cheap stuff from China. The ball head (£3.25 - £6.50)is...
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    Discharging the battery

    I wouldn't go that low. 9V is only 3V per cell which is well below recommended storage voltage of 3.8V per cell. Set your discharger to 11.5V instead to get the recommended voltage per cell without damaging batteries and to maintain them in good condition.
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    Discharging the battery

    I am using the same setup from this clip: Quick, cheap and convinient way to keep the batteries healthy.
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    I am using Acer Iconia One 7 tablet to fly my MA without any issues. I bought it on eBay brand new , someone's unwanted gift, for £45. I read somewhere that there are 2 different versions of this tablet ,and the one with Mediatek processor is the one to go for. I also own an iPad mini 1st gen...
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    FCC mode in CE area

    Actually I managed to change the mode to FCC. It's very simple and stays on at all the time, as long as you cancel on each start of the dji go 4 app the prompt to confirm the current country WiFi. No matter what device I connect, android or ios. Now just need to test it in the field...
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    FCC mode in CE area

    Can you please write step by step instruction? Thanks.