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Recent content by MesaAZGuy

  1. MesaAZGuy

    Rear Mount Tablet Holders

    I have the Lifthor also. Bought it when the V3 first came out. Love it. Its the one in my avatar. Nice quality. I too use an iPad mini. Perfect for visibility over a small phone.
  2. MesaAZGuy


    I still say stainless steel sharpened props are the best answer to birds !!!
  3. MesaAZGuy

    Mavic gets buggier with each new flight

    Just return it from where you bought it from. Sounds like you have a problem child on your hands.
  4. MesaAZGuy

    Please someone drone the eclipse!

    Didn't notice anything different in terms of light loss here in Phoenix. Feel like I got Jipped!
  5. MesaAZGuy

    Mavic news on Aug 22?

    I was speaking of it in normal operation. And Yes, I never fold up the mavic. It's busy flying around :)
  6. MesaAZGuy

    Hello from AZ

    I'm not a Facebook user. Had it, deleted it. Too much info out there.
  7. MesaAZGuy

    If no manual ATTI mode, then returning Mavic

    Was the concrete building in Phoenix? I only get scared when I get electrical interference warnings or lose the video image! Time to turn the little ******* around!!
  8. MesaAZGuy

    Mavic news on Aug 22?

    The props do not come near the battery. I have mine on my desk and just checked it.
  9. MesaAZGuy

    If no manual ATTI mode, then returning Mavic

    What happened when you lost the heading? How did you overcome and get the Mavic on track? I ask, 'cause I am trying to be prepared in case it happens to me. I prefer FPV flying and taking this thing out as far as I can during my "experimental" runs :)
  10. MesaAZGuy

    $33 Mavic "Clone" (LOL) Has Arrived

    Gotta love it when the Chinese clone the, well, Chinese!
  11. MesaAZGuy

    Lost Signal, aircraft landed, but can't find it!

    So is the peak of the mountain where the red line is higher than 345'? Interesting..
  12. MesaAZGuy


    Is there an altitude that birds generally keep at?
  13. MesaAZGuy

    Praça Mauá - Rio de Janeiro

    I think the video was perfect! Nice job. Nice music. Keep up the good work!
  14. MesaAZGuy

    Lost Signal, aircraft landed, but can't find it!

    No, I am afraid to fly mine over the highway in case it decides to do what yours did