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Recent content by Royston

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    Always forgetting to remove the **** gimbal lock

    Totally agree with your last sentence?
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    iPad Mini 4

    Bought an I pad mini 4 , Brand new , 128 gb for £400 , in GB , Okay , Pheraps a bit over the Top ! But ? With the ipads, and computer at home , I only ever use the mini for flying ? No other programmes on it , IDEAL ! , Fits in the controller a treat ! and use the recommended...
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    Does anyone actually see 27 minute flight times?

    I do not understand , people who take the Battery, to its full extent ? and Comprise , the Outlay of at least a £ 1000 quid ? Me personally , I've got 5 Batt,s and listen to what the controller is telling me ! The Drone is designed for Fail safe ? Listen to it ? PS , When...