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Recent content by sauwinglam

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    Update - Firmware Release - [OP: Mavic Mini DOES NOT support unlock in no fly zones yet!]

    It is for this reason I have stopped flying Mavic and fly Autel Evo exclusively. No Mavic Mini for me. Put a deposit on Skydio 2 yesterday.
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    If at first you don't succeed....

    You are one lucky dude.
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    My stolen Mavic air

    Take him to small claims court. You have the evidence and should win handily.
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    Drone stuck in tree in Split, Croatia

    This happened to me once. I was never able to find it even though I have the exact coordinates. It happens.
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    Time for goodbye to DJI?

    I agree. I still have my MP but I fly my Evo most of the time.
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    Where to fly in the bay area

    Bureau of Land Management, the government agency that manages public lands.
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    Where to fly in the bay area

    I have flown in these areas: Richmond Marina Bay, Point Richmond Treasure Island Emeryville Marina Berkeley Marina Crockett Port Costa Benicia/Carquinez Strait Pittsburg Marina Antioch Brentwood Golden Hill Park, Martinez Dinosaur Hill Park, Lafayette/Pleasant Hill Rankin Park, Martinez...
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    How many 107 Licensed Users are prevented from taking off

    I switched from MP to Autel Evo and I think the horizon issue has been resolved. I certainly do not experience this issue.
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    Morning - June 25, 2019