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Recent content by StanTGM

  1. StanTGM

    Gimbal Tracking: Bull's Eye wanders off

    Hi Jim, by now I did over 200 flights with the RE Goggles and MP, and unfortunately, the x-hairs centering problem still exists. I learnt to minimise it by moving my head more gently, and I try not to go beyond the physical range of the camera gimbal. The more often you reach the limit of...
  2. StanTGM

    DJI Goggles and VLOS

    I find flying with goggles without spotter less immoral than - for example - speeding in a residential neighborhood... (the first being no more than a 2 on the immorality scale, while the latter is a solid 10)
  3. StanTGM

    So in which firmware did DJI fix the crappy range on RE goggles?

    If I remember well, someone one this or the DJI forum reported that the range problem goes away if dual mode is DISABLED. You might want to try this before returning your goggles... I decided to stick to my MP with RE goggles until DJI releases Goggles 2. Than I will upgrade both drone and...
  4. StanTGM

    Range with Mavic Zoom and Goggles RE

    Thanks, Roamer105! The first post on this topic that really makes sense and gives me hope for the M2/Goggles combo!
  5. StanTGM

    Fluidity FT Aviator

    The pace of the Kickstarter campaign is accelerating. 3/4 of the min. amount has already been committed. My guess is that in a couple of days Scott and his team will have a reason to celebrate (and us supporters too :))
  6. StanTGM

    Fluidity FT Aviator

    Now 71 supporters on Kickstart... and counting! Lift-off on December 5 is becoming ever more likely ✌
  7. StanTGM

    Fluidity FT Aviator

    I see your point.... I recently got multi-port USB chargers from Anker and now charge all my deviced with it (including DJI equipment and iPhones) with no problem whatsoever.
  8. StanTGM

    Fluidity FT Aviator a retail price of 450! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess... To me, this looks like a serious piece of hardware. I admit I jumped at the chance of getting it at half price (but then I never could resist the temptation of a cool new toy )
  9. StanTGM

    Fluidity FT Aviator

    All or nothing. Your card will only be charged if the min. amount is reached.
  10. StanTGM

    Fluidity FT Aviator

    My guess would be: USB - we all should have dozens of chargers lying around :-)
  11. StanTGM

    Range with Mavic Zoom and Goggles RE

    I saw that the DJI forum is full of posts about the range issue. DJI kind of recognized there is a problem. They say their engineers are looking into it... Let’s keep our fingers x-ed
  12. StanTGM

    Fluidity FT Aviator

    I could imagine this stick makes flying the drone very intuitive... I admit I‘m tempted... but shipment to US only is a Show stopper - I contacted them and asked if they would reconsider their shipment policy. Will report here...
  13. StanTGM

    Range with Mavic Zoom and Goggles RE

    I‘m very curious to read your report...
  14. StanTGM

    Mavic 2 Pro - price increase!

    What a terrible, disgusting comment! Please go away and spread your hate elswhere.