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Recent content by Stemiko

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    Flying in Fog: Beware!

    My Mavic Air initiated auto-landing in light fog several times during a flight. This was harrowing as the drone was pretty far away. I’ve never had this occur with my Mavic Pro, so I reckon it was in fact the Air’s sensors.
  2. S scared should I be?

    Wild parakeets ('maritacas') have aggressively swarmed my drone several times in Brazil; they attack in screeching, fast-flying squadrons of a dozen or two. They get really close, and I've always landed immediately without further incident, so I don't know if they'd actually strike the drone...
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    Take Off Mid-Air?

    I've been wondering about this too. It'd startup, and recover -if it's high enough. As a reader above mentioned, people have done mid-air power-offs followed by free-fall restarts, which is basically the same thing.
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    Another Mavic "knockoff".. this is a bit better than the $35 one. :-0

    If they intended to distract me from looking closely at the drone, it worked.
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    New Mavic - Disconnected issue

    Check that your phone is actually connected to the controller, it can be plugged in yet not have a closed circuit -push the connectors in. Also, check that the Mavic's switch is solidly to the right, to "RC". I've had both problems, several times.
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    AFC/MF in latest GO

    Is the green option selected, or the white one?