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Recent content by Tbredhed

  1. Tbredhed

    Hi from Northern Ontario Canada

    Welcome to the forum from Thunder Bay. So many great place to fly in the north. Cheers
  2. Tbredhed

    Spain, rules, advice and locations

    Was very helpful, I'll print out the regs in English and Spanish to take with me. Ya I saw the no fly zones, I'm more interested in filming the castles and vineyards so that's not going to effect me. Thanks again, cheers.
  3. Tbredhed

    Spain, rules, advice and locations

    Thanks for the info. I usually ask cause my search game is horrible. Cheers
  4. Tbredhed

    Spain, rules, advice and locations

    I'm going to be in Spain from May 3 to 15 and wondering if anyone has any advice for me, where to fly, will I need to register my drone, those sorts of things. We will be spending our time in the northeast mostly, Barcelona, Girona, Rioja and San Sebastian areas, with 3 days for the Spanish...
  5. Tbredhed


    I'm in Northern Ontario, Canada and fly all the time in cold weather, my coldest flight to date has been -37 C. I did a couple of tests flying is cold weather last year, check out this thread for the results. Any sub-zero (F) flights? I have found no problems during any of my flights and very...
  6. Tbredhed

    CAA requesting flight log details

    Transport could care less whether you make money from flying your drone. The regulations state that you must have either a basic or advanced pilot's certificate. The basic to fly outside an airport's restricted airspace(5.6 km) and an advanced to fly within that space. Cheers
  7. Tbredhed

    True low temp flying M2P

    Being from northern Ontario I fly in the cold quite a bit. My coldest flight has been -36 C/-32 F. I have noticed only a very slight reduction in flight time at this temp. My best recommendation is to make sure your batteries are warm before takeoff. When I've finished flying I usually put the...
  8. Tbredhed

    Can I bring drones to Canada as foreigner?

    The States has the same rehabilitation system, only they make you pay 1000 every six months. Cheers
  9. Tbredhed

    Can I bring drones to Canada as foreigner?

    You will need to apply for an SFOC from Transport Canada, it's a fairly painless process. The rules here are similar to most places 400' ceiling, fly VLOS and no flying within 5.6 km of an airport and 1.8 km of a heliport. Canada has no restrictions on flying for commercial purposes. Hope this...
  10. Tbredhed

    Going To Canada Soon-UK Citizen-Got SFOC-Travel 6 Oct 2019

    I think you'll find there are plenty of places to fly. Canada's national parks cover only 3% of the country and maybe another 3% for provincial parks. Not sure where you read that they were not allowed in provincial parks the that is closest to me allows them with permission from the park...
  11. Tbredhed

    Any other Timmins (or surrounding area) pilots?

    Rural Thunder Bay home and west of Atikokan camp. Try to fly both places as much as I can, but my MPP is down right now need to get it sent out for repair. Cheers
  12. Tbredhed

    Canada drone law questions

    In Canada there are no limitations due to your license as far as commercial work is concerned. You are allowed to sell your drone footage all you want. What you do need to be aware of is with the basic license you are not allowed to fly within 5.6 km of an airport and 1.8 km of a heliport. Hope...
  13. Tbredhed

    Niagra Falls Canada

    Most of the city is covered by the no fly zones from various heliports there and the falls itself is covered by a no fly zone. You would not be able to fly there with the basic pilots license. Hope this helps. Cheers
  14. Tbredhed

    Flying over busy street - Canada

    This flight would depend on the type of license you have, with the basic it would not be allowed. I never took the advanced so I'm not sure if it would be legal or not. Cheers
  15. Tbredhed

    Gimbal motor overload

    Thanks for all that, I had already checked for anything obstructing the gimbal and reseated the ND filter but maybe I'll try removing it. Other than that I guess it's time to use my refresh for the first time. Cheers