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Recent content by Tesaro

  1. Tesaro

    DJI...another release? What could it be, now?

    Seems DJI didn’t agree.
  2. Tesaro

    DJI...another release? What could it be, now?

    Are you still standing by this statement? There seems to be something in the Pipeline.
  3. Tesaro

    M2P Repair Experts - Need your insight

    It looks like the Arms have opened up as the gap between them and the Camera is too large. You could try squeezing them in a bit but I would be inclined to replace it.
  4. Tesaro

    Mavic Power Grip: A Mavic Power Bank + Grip + Phone/Tablet Mount.

    Nice design that. I can see this doing well for you. As for it being better than the Smart Controller you comparing Apples with Pairs. The idea behind the SC marketing was to do away with the cumbersome wire that links the Phone and the controller and to allow a quick launch of your equipment...
  5. Tesaro

    DJI...another release? What could it be, now?

    The Mavic Mini is coming soon. 😁
  6. Tesaro

    Almost Arrested

    If he wasn’t a Copper, he couldn’t have arrested you. I’m not sure about National Trust property in regards to flying over it. I know what I would of told Him to do if he was rude.
  7. Tesaro

    V01.00.0530 update. With or without DJI A 2?

    Mine updated via WiFi just fine. Would you be suggesting I shouldn’t trust it?
  8. Tesaro


    Thanks. Hand to Eye coordinations aren’t my greatest skill unfortunately. Can I assume there’s an altitude hold so I have time to sort myself out?
  9. Tesaro


    Silly question from someone that is saving His Pennies for a M2P but is there a Headless Mode?