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  1. adventurecampitelli

    Our Adventerous Year 2017 - lots of drone shots

    What a great year we had, hope you enjoy the short video.
  2. M

    EPIC Year Best 2017 Drone Footage

    2017 has been a fantastic year for all the drone enthusiast and film makers, with so many fantastic drones released, everyone pretty much jumped on the owning a drone band wagon. I was one of them who have settled with DJI Mavic Pro, having owned a Phantom 3 Advanced then Phantom 4 and it has...
  3. A

    2017 Epic Year of Drone Compilation

    Hope you enjoy!
  4. Zhultar

    Ruins of OHEB Castle 2K | Czech republic (turn on the sound)

    Google translator: The castle itself was built in the second half of the 14th century at the initiative of the Vilémovo monastery. It is also possible to have him put up with one of the later lien holders. The first written mention of the castle dates back to 1405, when it was owned by Jesek of...
  5. Nash

    Hey Everyone from Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Hey Everyone! I'm Nash, I'm 19, and I've recently bought a Mavic Pro. It's really nice to meet people with same interests so I'll briefly introduce myself and my "drone history": I've always been really into RC helicopters and planes in general, but it's only been a little over a year since I...
  6. S

    SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 2017

    Any one tried this new phone yet ? I have a galaxy A3 that won't work with the mavic pro, but my partner has the A5 (2016) which is ok, I'm thinking of upgrading to the new A5 2017 model (better camera etc) as it's new I hav'nt found any info regarding compatabilty, I don't fancy buying this...
  7. Crusader

    Happy New Year 2017!!

    To all forum members, admins, modders, behind the scene staff, and all positive people. Happy New Year 2017 !!