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  1. R

    4 Hawks Raptor XR Installation

    Hey guys, Bought my Mavic Air about a week ago. Had a great time. In an urban area I am looking for more range and am considering the 4 Hawks Raptor XR antenna. I have seen the installation process and can see how tough it is. Anyone able to tell me if it is a safe process or if there is...
  2. emontalvo1983

    Mavic Air/4Hawks pic

    So today I finally got my 4Hawks Raptor SR, The install was quick and easy here are some pics
  3. MPone

    For Sale Mavic Pro Platinum with fly more combo kit & extras (also modified with 4Hawks SR antenna) **SOLD**

    Price: $649 free shipping to lower 48. - UAS is totally problem free, but had a scratch on the front starboard side leg due to hitting a rock during a windy landing (see photo below) - Comes with original packaging - Polar Pro Cinematic Series ND filters (ND4, 8, 16, 32) - Polar Pro leg...
  4. V

    4Hawks SR Signal Booster on Tablet Holder

    We have finally made a bracket so you can mount your 4Hawks signal booster on your LifThor Sif Collapsible Tablet Holder - and still be able to collaps the whole setup in "the blink of an eye" We have the bracket you need for this on our webshop right now. Tablet Holder for Mavic |...
  5. M

    4Hawks SR...was on the fence but

    daaannng this thing is awesome. Just for those that were like me and are back and forth on whether to go through with it, I'm so glad I did. I know there are multiple reviews on this already but the signal quality in my very congested suburb of Houston is outstanding. 5-6000 ft away at 200ft and...
  6. Will042082

    Signal booster(s) for 4hawks SR dual band antenna

    I have a Mavic Air with the 4hawks SR antenna installed and would like to add signal boosters. I purchased a RexUAV 2.4ghz booster and a RexUAV 5.8ghz booster. Since this is a dual band antenna and both ports on the 4hawk support 2.4/5.8, do I simply connect 1 to port 1 and the other to port 2...