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  1. Toddo

    Pro Abandoned Fortress/Observatory - Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Recently did a road trip through Bosnia and got to explore this abandoned Austro-Hungarian fortress turned Obserevatory. Opservatorij (Čolina kapa) was destroyed during the conflict in the 90s.
  2. F

    Mini 2 An abandoned farm on the outskirts of Edmonton AB

    A set of abandoned farm buildings and vehicles on the edge of town. This is the first video made by my son and I. We only had the drone a couple of weeks when we took these images. Generally, I am the pilot and he is the Adobe editor. He picked the music because it reminded him of The Walking...
  3. iReviewFrozenDinners

    Air 2 Old asylum/hospital in Massachusetts

    Took a video of an old state hospital the other evening and slapped it all together. Fun fact: parts of Shutter Island was filmed here! Let me know what you guys think, headphones ? on and 4k for full effect.
  4. K-Castello

    Air 1 The KosMos

    As a child I went on holiday, but unfortunately the youth hotel is bankrupt. There was an acquirer, but ... the building is a protected monument and may not be rebuilt just like that. In the meantime, the building continues to decline.
  5. kbeeg

    Abandoned Indian Boarding School - Oklahoma

    I shot this around Christmas with my Mavic Air before I traded it in on my Mavic 2 Pro. I also edited in some photos I took inside with my Nikon D7200. Please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
  6. A

    Favorite Videos of 2017?

    What were your favorite videos of 2017 and for you long time flyers, what was your most view video of the year? Below are mine! Would love to hear feedback and to see what everyone else favorite and most viewed are! Happy Holidays! FAVORITE: MOST VIEWED:
  7. A

    Abandoned Race Track

    Abandoned track, now used as a parking lot for a Nissan dealership up the road.
  8. A

    Massive Abandoned Warehouse - 4K

    Please, if you liked the video, DON'T click on my channel and subscribe! ;);)...See I have to do the opposite of promoting my channel which would be to depromote it, ehh?!?! Seriously though, hope you enjoy!
  9. A

    Halloween - Abandoned & Haunted Dam - 4K

    In honor of being Halloween month, would you spend a night here? Let me know some places you'd like to see droned and I'll see if I can make it happen!
  10. A

    Abandoned Baseball Stadium - 4K

    A Minor League baseball stadium in Nashville, TN (Nashville Sounds) which has been abandoned and all, but destroyed by looters as the team moved across town to a new stadium.
  11. A

    Abandoned Nascar Superspeedway - 4K

    I droned the Nashville Superspeedway months ago because a friend told me I should. I wasn't expecting much from the video, but it's had quite a positive turnout so I wanted to ask you: What are some cool, unknown places around you that'd you'd like to see aerial video of? Please feel free to...
  12. A

    Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant - 4K

    Anybody know of any abandoned places that would be cool to drone? Currently researching ideas of places to go or visit to drone out of the ordinary realm and would love some feedback! Anything helps! Thanks!
  13. mysticgnarwhal

    I flew my Mavic around an old abandonded hospital!

    This abandoned hospital has sat empty since 2008, so you can see how rundown it looks now. Some people go in it, but I think I'm good with the aerial shots haha It is in Richmond Indiana.
  14. A

    Abandoned Steel Mill - 4K

  15. Toyosupraandy

    Sedgefield NC

    This is my first "real" video that I have made. I got to work on not jerking the controls around so fast. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. FantasticMrF

    castle fading back into nature

    video of craigend castle, scotland, fading back into nature as if it never existed!
  17. FantasticMrF

    Give me some feedback on my Video please?

    shot this video at an abandoned football pitch in misty rainy conditions ( it wasn't my intention to fly in the rain, i know its not recommended and i wouldn't normally! ) Id love if you could give me some feedback on it (either here or on the video)
  18. FantasticMrF

    Abandoned Scotland

    Hey, does anyone have any footage of any derelict buildings in Scotland; so far I've filmed two which I've linked below. They look stunning on camera and are by far my favourite thing to film so far.