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  1. P

    Arizona Sonoran Desert Scenes

    Hello; welcoming any feedback on this video. Flying a Mavic Air with a ND16 filter and shooting 1080 at 120 fps with color grading in post. Took almost 3 hours to render!
  2. Fat Bastard

    Winter Rain Waterfalls

  3. V

    Flyin' high in Tucson, Arizona

    Hello all - FAA 107 certified and flying for the purpose of stock footage. Working on getting the daylight operations waiver as well to catch some night time lightning storms.
  4. mysticgnarwhal

    Summer Road Trip - 5700 Miles - 14 States

    This is my first trip where I had a drone with me to get footage, and it has made the videos on a whole new level! (at least I think so...) I got some shots outside of Death Valley, Salt Lake, and the Bay Area. Here is a 1 minute video from our trip out west a few weeks ago. I'm working on a...
  5. Clapper

    New Video - Santa Catalina Peaks

    Santa Catalina Peaks - Some scenes shot with Phantom 3 Standard prior to it being lost, the rest with the Mavic Pro, in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson Arizona, Saguaro National Park. Edited with PowerDirector 15.
  6. CashCache

    A Day At The Park - My First Ever Edit

    Hi everyone, Today I went to the park with my Mavic and was able to get some footage of the lakes and the Veterans Memorial. It's the first time I've ever tried to edit footage from my mav. Let me know what you think. The memorial is pretty cool. At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day...
  7. kendallqn

    Hello From Phoenix Arizona

    Sunset from the Mavic Pro out at my sons house tonight. Shot with the 5 shot bracket and merged to a HDR.
  8. phxphotog

    Hello from Arizona

    My Mavic Pro arrives today via FedEx and I can't wait. I went with the Fly More combo mainly for the extra batteries and car charger. I originally thought that the bag would be great but I don't think I'll use it much since it won't fit many extra batteries. I have ordered the Go Professional...
  9. Rambo

    Hello from the desert in Arizona

    Looking forward to flying the Mavic!!