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    We caught him spying on us so we chased him and shot him down like a running coon in the swamp
  2. joshmentele

    Autel Robitcs Sues DJI

    Autel Robotics has just filed a lawsuit against DJI, based on the claim that DJI copied some flight control software and also the locking mechanism on the propellers: https://insight.rpxcorp.com/litigation_documents/12896780
  3. joshmentele

    New Autel Robotics Drone

    Autel Robotics just released a new drone called the EVO. It looks very similar to the Mavic. However, if it can correct the problems found in the Mavic, I would be willing to shift over to the Autel. I have previously owned an Autel X-Star and it was a great product, but it became outdated so I...