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  1. R

    Pro Autumn in the Blue Mountains, Australia

    Early morning flight in Mt Wilson, up in the Blue Mts - 2 hrs from Sydney. As most of our foliage in Australia is perennial and not deciduous, the tourist track over the few weeks when autumn colours are in bloom is pretty diabolical - hard to get a decent pic on the ground so only a drone will...
  2. c.oberschneider

    3 The Beauty of Autumn in the Alps in HDR

    Took the Mavic 3 Classic to the scenic Gastein valley in the heart of the Austrian Alps to capture the beauty of the last days of autumn. Shot in 5.1K 50 HLG, color grading done with Color Finale 2 Pro in FCPX. Enjoy! Soundtrack: Michael FK - Holding Back (Artlist)
  3. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Air 2s Autumn in the Bob Bammert Ancient Forest - DJI FPV + Air 2S

    I filmed this video a few weeks ago while the fall colors were at their peak. I used the DJI FPV to capture dynamic interior shots of the forest, and the Air 2S to get broader, richer landscape shots. I also threw in a few clips I captured with my Nikon Z6 The Bob Bammert Grove is a stunning...
  4. B

    Air 1 The Netherlands in the Autumn - DJI Mavic Air

    In the fall I visited to some beautiful places in The Netherlands. And took some nice shots with the DJI Mavic Air.
  5. Autumn colors | DJI Mavic Air 2 Cinematic 4K Drone

    Autumn colors | DJI Mavic Air 2 Cinematic 4K Drone

    First test out with my new drone, the Mavic Air 2. Wonderful autumn sunset from Catalunya, Spain. - Drone: Mavic Air 2 - Resolution: 4K 60fps & 4K 30fps - Co...
  6. Zakrzówek Kraków Autumn 2020

    Zakrzówek Kraków Autumn 2020

    Artificial water reservoir in Krakow in Zakrzówek. It was established in 1990 after the old limestone quarry was flooded. It consists of two reservoirs connected by an isthmus. The shores of the lagoon are one of the favorite places of rest for Krakow residents.
  7. N

    Air 2 Fall Colors in Utah

    Fall is my favorite season! So, when I have the opportunity to fly my Mavic Air 2 in the beautiful fall colors of Utah, I take it! North Fork Park, located on the eastern side of the Wasatch Mountain Range, has a few miles of trails spread throughout its 2,600 acres of camping grounds. I'd love...
  8. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    2 Pro Flying through Autumn Fog - Fall in the Pacific Northwest

    The fog and mist of autumn lie heavy on the low hills of Southwest Washington. The clouds run like rivers of cotton candy down the slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range to pool in quiet valleys, cloaking farms and forests in a quieting hush of somber silence. The fog creates different worlds, the...
  9. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Autumn Splendor at Lake Sacajawea

    A million shades of autumn hues from amber red to neon yellow gild the green lawns and greener waters of Lake Sacajawea. Overhead, the deep blue of a bright October afternoon contrasts with the riotous glory of fleeting color and brilliance below. From the Japanese garden to wide boulevards and...
  10. O

    Autumn in Vermont 2019

    This was my first weekend with the MA, so I had no clue what I was doing. Hopefully I can make better videos in the future, but I did manage to grab some decent footage from what I had taken.
  11. Adirondack Autumn: The forest in full bloom

    Adirondack Autumn: The forest in full bloom

    Fall colors in the Adirondack Mountains in 4K.....
  12. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Autumn Ascension - epic aerial music video of fall in the Pacific Northwest.

    This video is the culmination of two months of work, about a dozen hours of cumulative flight time, over a week of editing, 3 rough drafts, and numerous re-shoots. The song is "Ascension" by Miracle of Sound, which I selected mid-way through the filming process, a selection which dramatically...
  13. Jim D

    Autumn up the Mt. Loop

    Mavic 2 Pro
  14. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Islands and Rainbows in a Sea of Fog

    I've been having a lot of fun flying in the wonderful weather of a Pacific Northwest fall - especially the fog!
  15. TheDenimac

    Autumn in Yorkshire

    We have been having some beautiful weather here in Yorkshire over the past few days, so I just had to get out flying and take some video. One scary moment though, when a flock of birds took a dislike to my
  16. P

    Short Guide to Autumn Season Photo/Video Shooting

    Link Here: #Autumn# An Ode To Fall Cinematic + TIPS on Shooting this Season Hi all, I have listed some TIPS when capturing drone footage during the Fall season. The guide talks about PL filters, sensors, trees, birds and LUTS in the link above. Hopefully some of you might find useful. Thanks...
  17. newt2u

    Life in the English Countryside

    Just a few shots from a fine day's flying with the MA in Corvedale. Some early Autumn ploughing now the wheat is all harvested. Enjoy, its not too long.
  18. AirBuzzOne

    First snow in the Norwegian mountains - autumn 2017

    Hi guys! I'm quite new here on the forum, but I thought I should present myself with these images taken just after the first snow at my cabin in the Norwegian mountains last year. The last picture is actually taken just before the snow, an early morning I managed to get up and launch the drone...
  19. TheIndianEmirati

    Amazing Iceland Mavic Footage

    A short drone video capturing the immense breathtaking beauty of Amazing Iceland
  20. Chalmers90

    Simonside Hills Scenery.... My first post.

    So, this is my first post on Mavic Pilots, even after owning a DJI Mavic Pro for well over a year! I'm going to attach a video of a recent visit to Simonside Hills (Northumberland, England) with my friend, Stuart. We decided after scaling to where we wanted to be, to get the drone out and...