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  1. B

    Mute Return to home sound - DJI RC

    Right , so I wanted to get rid of this annoying RTH sound that my DJI RC controller makes when the function is activated . BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEPPPP !!! (even with "mute" on) Since I have seen more people trying to get rid of the beeping (even opening their controller up and putting glue or...
  2. theDRONEranger

    Mavic Air Remote Controller Will Not Stop Constant Beeping

    My MA remote controller will NOT stop beeping. This is a new problem. I have ensured the firmware is the current for the MA and the Remote! This is something I always do prior to flying. The Remote will link to the MA and give every indication things are good to go! Yes, I know I live in a...
  3. H

    "Gimbal and Main Controller Disconnected"

    Bought a mavic pro brand new, hasn't flown yet. Each prop motor makes its own 'beeb' noise but slightly out of sync with each other. This happens abut 10seconds after powering on the aircraft. The RC connects and my phone displays the cameras vision but I have no control over what the drone...
  4. F

    Beeps - anyone have a list of why/when Mavic will beep?

    There was only one mentioned in user manual, remote controller will beep when powered on. Could not find a definitive list of reasons that there will be audible beep from controller. If they are warnings shouldn't there be a list somewhere? I've seen a couple talked about in threads, like low...
  5. FlightClub

    Fix Controller Buzzer in 10 Minutes "Easy"

    I have an easy fix for the Mavic Pro Controller Buzzer, "FlightClub Easy Fix". If you hate the annoying Controller Beeping when you enable RTH on the Mavic Pro Controller I can give you a solution to make it an adjustable volume or completely disable it. Late last night, I performed the...
  6. G

    Beep volume on the controller

    Is there a way to adjust the volume for the controller beeping? If I want to leverage RTH, I don't need it beeping all the way home. It's super loud, to the point where it attracts unwanted attention. If there was a way to silence or acknowledge the alert to stop the beeping that would be an...