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Beeps - anyone have a list of why/when Mavic will beep?


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May 12, 2017
There was only one mentioned in user manual, remote controller will beep when powered on. Could not find a definitive list of reasons that there will be audible beep from controller. If they are warnings shouldn't there be a list somewhere? I've seen a couple talked about in threads, like low battery, RTH, what else?
Since the Mavic remote controller has an LCD screen, there's no need to learn any cryptic beep patterns to figure out what it's trying to tell you. Here's the list of LCD screen messages from the Mavic manual:

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LCD screen messages
Thanks for the reply. I saw message list, so if I leap to an assumption then, there should be an associated screen message for every beep the controller makes? I've heard beeps and by the time I get a chance to look down at the screen there aren't any messages displayed or there wasn't one. Should have another column in that LCD message list for controller beep, e.g., Y/N.
Not intending to learn cryptic beep patterns. Light patterns are difficult enough. The Blade 350QX I started with had flashing light patterns you'd need a computer/camera to recognize, at least there aren't as many on the Mavic but still a bit much to remember when you have three different drones you fly regularly. (Mavic, P3P, 3DR Solo) There aren't standards and may never be. Green is good, Red is bad. Yellow - you still have time to kiss your drone good-bye..ha.
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