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  1. D

    Strange Camera Shake Using Litichi

    I just started using Litchi and on the Second Way point mission the Camera started to act strange at first i thought it was wind? but when landing i say the camera trying to point up past its limits I attached 2 videos the first it starts at about 1:00 the second its pretty much the entire...
  2. jontracey

    Recording the HUD on IOS

    After my last video on this subject I got a lot of people saying although it worked it was too cumbersome for field use. Now IOS 11 Beta is sort of stable I revisited the subject and its now incredibly easy. For the reddit generation who are attention span impaired you can jump right to the...
  3. V

    DJI GO 4 and Android 8

    Couple of days ago I have updated my Nexus 6p (Android 7.2.1 to Android 8 Beta). DJI GO 4 starts correctly but suddenly screen orientation works only in vertical mode :( Don't update your Nexus devices to Android 8 until the stable version. P.S. Litchi App works correctly.