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bird attack

  1. H

    Wedge Tail Eagle Mitigation

    Hi there ive just started flying a mavic 2 and live in the upper hunter NSW. The last 2 flights I have had wedge tail eagles almost take me out. Looks like pretty much any escarpment has a local one. Im not sure if they are a bit afraid of drone as they haven hit but come straight across nose...
  2. G

    I filmed a Wedge Tail Eagle attacking my drone

    TOP * EAGLE In 2018, an Australian Wedge Tail Eagle took out my drone while filming "The Flinders" I was quick enough to film it. TOP * EAGLE Please like and subscribe to my channel: GKG Imaging
  3. Reed

    bird migration - any danger?

    In these days many cranes are seen in large bird migration lines. I would be nice to catch some videos up in the air - but is there danger either for the birds or the drone? Do the birds avoid the drone, or do they attack it? Do somebody have experience with bird migration swarms ?
  4. W

    Lost control during flight - bird attack?

    I was flying my relatively-new Mavic (~30 flights) down along a winding canyon while riding in a car next to it. I had successfully executed this same flight once before in sport mode, and was attempting the same flight in normal (non-sport) mode. I was using the Litchi app for about the...
  5. S

    Mavic scare

    Hi guys I just watched a great video by Ian about how he lost his Mavic and learnt a ton from his advice. Some of his wise words re battery and flying resonated with me after a weekend experience and I thought it could help others too - even though the circumstances were a little different...
  6. Shantok

    Attacked by birds! Any ideas on how to avoid.SO

    So I was flying today to do a roof inspection. Its a old factory that parts of the roof have been blowing off. They are landing on cars and I need to send the owner an order to repair. The roof is not safe so my mavic was used. In the past I had no issues with my old P4 or Q500+. When I got to...