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bird attack

  1. Yaros

    A seagull almost took my drone down while I was overwater

    This was scary! I was returning my drone over water when suddenly out of nowhere I see a seagull flying into it, I push up but it's too late, my drone starts spinning and falling down! I see it spinning and then it loses signal. At that moment I was sure it fell into the sea and was preparing...
  2. Steve F

    Bird attack on a Mavic Air 2

    While flying out along the California Coast yesterday, I had a black oystercatcher attack my drone. See the following YouTube link for a short video with some frame grabs of the incident: For a few seconds I thought it was going to go swimming, but it recovered and I was able to bring it...
  3. Prismatic

    Standing before the Golden Drone -- a bird averting skin

    Birds fear and flee from fire. The dazzling golden holographic skin of my drone, Bertie, flashes hues of red and orange, as if on fire. It's intended to alarm an approaching bird, and make it break away to safety. The photo and video only suggest the extreme visual impact of Golden Bertie in...
  4. D

    Close shave with a Magpie

    I guess this Magpie just wanted a closer look at my drone :)
  5. H

    Wedge Tail Eagle Mitigation

    Hi there ive just started flying a mavic 2 and live in the upper hunter NSW. The last 2 flights I have had wedge tail eagles almost take me out. Looks like pretty much any escarpment has a local one. Im not sure if they are a bit afraid of drone as they haven hit but come straight across nose...
  6. G

    I filmed a Wedge Tail Eagle attacking my drone

    TOP * EAGLE In 2018, an Australian Wedge Tail Eagle took out my drone while filming "The Flinders" I was quick enough to film it. TOP * EAGLE Please like and subscribe to my channel: GKG Imaging
  7. Reed

    bird migration - any danger?

    In these days many cranes are seen in large bird migration lines. I would be nice to catch some videos up in the air - but is there danger either for the birds or the drone? Do the birds avoid the drone, or do they attack it? Do somebody have experience with bird migration swarms ?
  8. W

    Lost control during flight - bird attack?

    I was flying my relatively-new Mavic (~30 flights) down along a winding canyon while riding in a car next to it. I had successfully executed this same flight once before in sport mode, and was attempting the same flight in normal (non-sport) mode. I was using the Litchi app for about the...
  9. S

    Mavic scare

    Hi guys I just watched a great video by Ian about how he lost his Mavic and learnt a ton from his advice. Some of his wise words re battery and flying resonated with me after a weekend experience and I thought it could help others too - even though the circumstances were a little different...
  10. Shantok

    Attacked by birds! Any ideas on how to avoid.SO

    So I was flying today to do a roof inspection. Its a old factory that parts of the roof have been blowing off. They are landing on cars and I need to send the owner an order to repair. The roof is not safe so my mavic was used. In the past I had no issues with my old P4 or Q500+. When I got to...