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black and white

  1. Jim D

    Winter Sunset Over Lake Stevens

    Rare winter snow blankets the region this week with more on the way. M2P, 13 RAW shots processed and stitched in ACR, converted to B&W with Silver FX Pro 2
  2. Jim D

    Avalanche Path

    Looking down on an avalanche deposit below Big Four Mt. in Washington's Cascades. M2P
  3. Jim D

    Central Cascades in Black & White

    Hall Pk., and Perry Creek Valley, Central Cascades, WA. Mavic 2 Pro, Two RAW files stitched in Photoshop, converted to B&W with Silver FX Pro.
  4. TheDenimac

    Music Concept Video

    I was recently asked to produce a concept video by some friends in a local indie band. The song is called "from the Wreck" and it is about the emotional turmoil of the band members, especially following a horrific car accident they were all involved in. They gave me the track and told me to...