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Staten, the M2P doesn't have portrait mode so this one was done with two rows of individual shots.
Looks amazing, what was the aspect of the shots before stiching? 4x3 or 16x9
Just wondering what is best to use for a panoramic like that.
Jim D,
Time for an update with all of the snow that has fallen. My kids live on the north end of Lake Stevens and my granddaughter is loving life.
sutty, I always shoot 4x3 since 16x9 is just a crop of that.

JDawg, I live int same area (up by the HS) warming up today and starting to melt, roads are getting better so school should be going again, but will take a while for all of it to melt with the depth we have and more on the way it sounds (though not as much acumulation
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