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Love it Jim, now you did say to me about B/W photos in my thread a couple of days ago, now I can understand why;)
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Thanks for the comments guys. Porky, I'm an old guy who started out with photography back in the day shooting B&W for the HS school annual and trying to get some classic landscapes (with no success there). It is so easy and fun to now use software tools (I use Silver FX Pro) to convert color captures after the fact that I'm always looking for shots that lend themselves to this, and often shoot specifically with that in mind.
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Ahhhh the late great NIK filter set , that has now luckily, been reborn. I also use Silver FX and it is a great tool for B&W. Nice capture, I too started photography a long time ago, back about 1969 and my first camera purchase, other than an Instamatic, was a Nikon and I still use them today, though no longer film cameras. The use of drones to photograph and film is an amazing new era to be in, I just wish I had another 40 years ahead of me.

I lived in the Austrian Alps for a number of years and was a ski instructor there, In the spring it was fantastic to be in the Alps teaching and watching as the day warmed up and set off avalanches just across the narrow valley from us. The thundering roar and sight of seeing such powerful things never got old.
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