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  1. L

    California Drone Insurance Work Around - State Farm

    Hey! I recently purchased my mavic a couple of weeks ago. After I found out that State Farm Insurance covers drones in every state except California, I contacted them and asked them if I had an address in another state, could I insure it there. The state farm agent told me that was a...
  2. S


    Please let me know what I should work on. I will appreciate the honest criticism
  3. D

    Hello from San Diego (Otay Ranch), CA

    Exited to see whats going on with this forum. I received my drone last week and already crashed it on power lines at night. thank god I only broke the rear landing gear plastic, flat ribbon cable ( availlable on amazon prime for 18bucks) and the gimbal mount plate assembly which i was able...
  4. G

    First Flights

    Airborne over Kern County, California with a DJI Mavic Pro. Exploring the possibilities of a remarkable instrument, a true eye in the sky — and staring possible drone death in the face with low-altitude sweeps over water,
  5. Dbrzuska

    First video with the Mavic

    I was able to take advantage of a break in the weather in NORCAL for quick flight with my brand new Mavic. It is such an amazing aircraft. Check it out... If you're interested, please check out my Channel -
  6. CactusJackSlade

    Winter storm snow and flood waters in Northern, CA

    Our most significant storm in like 6 years... lots of high flowing dams and rivers... some places got 10+ feet of snow (but my Scion XB was incapable of getting me there...)