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  1. E90RAW


    I have read many posts on the internet, and even this forum of people doing pretty outrageous things with their drones. Videos abound of hacking your drone to go higher and faster. People fly over cities or invade airspace illegally, oblivious to the law. The question that continues to pervade...
  2. Drone UK

    My other passion is my car

    I have started a new Youtube channel focusing on cars with my Abarth 500 in Campovolo Grey being the main feature. here is my first feature video
  3. P

    Drone to film a classic Ferrari

    Hi everyone I live between Poole & Bournemouth. I'm writing a book about a life with classic cars and it involved a trip to the Ferrari factory and back taking many Go Pro clips both on the journey in the car & in a Riva speedboat on Lake Como. I would like to make a short video (4-5minutes...
  4. totheMAXfilms

    Mavic film in Miami + Mercedes AMG GT S

    Hey, I'm new poster here and wanted to share a video I made with the help of my MPP. I bought my Mavic Platinum early this year and I'm loving the DJI experience so far. This is my first drone and I'm finding it fairly easy to use (although there is a mild crash I filmed which I added to the...
  5. A

    Abandoned Nascar Superspeedway - 4K

    I droned the Nashville Superspeedway months ago because a friend told me I should. I wasn't expecting much from the video, but it's had quite a positive turnout so I wanted to ask you: What are some cool, unknown places around you that'd you'd like to see aerial video of? Please feel free to...
  6. The_Skyman23

    Sending a shoutout from Boston MA, USA!

    Hey everyone! Just signed up to the forum to get to know the Mavic community! I am part 107 certified licensed commercial flight in the US. Currently working on a larger portfolio piece as to market myself, but I've been making little 30 second teasers for my social media outlets. Here's a...
  7. M

    Exotic Car Show Outside of Chicago

    Nuccio Auto Group had an open house with plenty of high end exotic cars on site.
  8. P

    Turbines 4K

    Finally had a chance to fly next to the turbines nearby. Enjoy. Also you'll see the original Stand By Me movie bridge.
  9. N

    Action shots of cars drifting

    I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a lot of action footage out there so I thought I would treat you all with some. I recorded these guys drifting around an abandoned road system in FL. Recording them in action was some of the most fun I have ever had. I'm still new at this and I made...