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  1. Jim D

    Sunset Rainbow

    Shot up for another sunset above my house in Lake Stevens, WA to find this bonus rainbow. Mavic 2 Pro, RAW processed and stitched in ACR
  2. Jim D

    Sunrise Over Lake Stevens

    Day before Christmas 2018 from above my house. Mavic 2 Pro, RAW images processed and stitched in ACR
  3. Jim D

    Trees on The Mountain Loop

    Mavic Pro 2
  4. Jim D

    Sunrise Over the Cascades

    Couldn't see any of this from my driveway, was pretty psyched when I got a couple hundred feet up and rotated east. Mavic Pro II, RAW images stitched in ACR.
  5. Jim D

    Autumn up the Mt. Loop

    Mavic 2 Pro
  6. Jim D

    Central Cascades in Black & White

    Hall Pk., and Perry Creek Valley, Central Cascades, WA. Mavic 2 Pro, Two RAW files stitched in Photoshop, converted to B&W with Silver FX Pro.
  7. Jim D

    Mt. Baker - Mt. Rainier Pano

    Mt. Baker on L, Glacier Pk. behind White Chuck Mt. in center, Mt. Rainier in distance on R. DJI Mavic 2 Pro, RAW images captured manually (no pano mode) stitched in Photoshop.
  8. Jim D

    Cascades Sunset/Sunrise Mavic 2 Pro

    Panos shot RAW stitched in Photoshop. Look close at the summit for the lookout where I'm standing. A friendly hiker posed for me on the nearby ridge the next morning.
  9. Jim D

    Sunset above my house

    I just got a Mavic 2 Pro and am learning how to use it. Saw some nice light on the clouds above my house last night so hurried out to fly the drone straight up for a new perspective. It's like I now have a wonderful view house! Shot as individual RAW files and stitched in Photoshop.