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  1. winkiel82

    Pro Szydłowiec castle

  2. winkiel82

    Pro Ruins of the castle in Iłża

  3. AeroFlix 4D

    Air 2 Exploring Belgium's Citadel, Castles, and More!

  4. aeciolemos

    Mini 2 My latest video edit

    I have been creating short videos for the current viewers who like them more than longer videos. This is another one I created on Ireland's amazing sites. Please let me know your opinion. I think the ones I made with narration are better for you get more information, rather than the ones with...
  5. winkiel82

    Pro Czorsztyn Castle - Poland

  6. winkiel82

    Pro Niedzica Castle

    Niedzica Castle also known as Dunajec Castle (Latin: Castrum de Dunajecz, Hungarian: Nedec Váralja / Nedec-Vár, German: Sub-Arx Unterschloss, Slovak: Nedecký hrad), is located in the southernmost part of Poland in Niedzica (Nowy Targ County in Lesser Poland). It was erected between the years...
  7. Coskier

    Mini 3 Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland

    I was in Krakow a couple weeks ago for work. Took my drone along, glad I did.
  8. V

    Pro Foggy Morning Flight in Bavaria

    Cool foggy morning flight in Bavaria!
  9. Stickybit

    2 Pro Muiderslot (Amsterdam Castle) and lake "IJmeer" in the Netherlands

    Last week it finally was sunny weather (after weeks of rain and cold) in the Netherlands. With a group of Drone pilots (called Drone Fanatics) we went to Muiden to fly around and above Amsterdam Castle (Muiderslot). It turned out to be nice weather also for sailing boats on the lake IJmeer, so...
  10. KartofeL

    Air 2 Countryside Poland - my first flight and first video ever

    Some footage from Poland. This was my first flight with a drone ever and this is my first video ever. I have some amateur experience with photography thoug, so color grading wasn't hard for me. I must watch some tutorials how to move around Davinci Resolve for future videos. I'm curious what you...
  11. M

    Mini Foggy Alpine Castles

    I love the foggy weathers a lot to shot video or photos. You just go up to the hills or mountains and you get wonderful scenes. I put some examples I caught around a month ago in Vorarlberg, Austria:
  12. Rytro Castle

    Rytro Castle

    Castle in Rytro, located on a high hill (463 m) on the right bank of the Poprad river. It was probably built at the turn of the 13th and 14th century. Some 19th-century authors suggested that the oldest part of the building, the stone tower, may date back to the 12th century.
  13. Czchów Castle

    Czchów Castle

    Castle in Czchów - the ruins of the royal castle from the 13th-14th centuries. The ruins are located in Czchów on a hill called Tower over Dunajec
  14. Melsztyn Castle

    Melsztyn Castle

    Castle in Melsztyn - the ruins of the castle on the Zamczysko hill over Dunajec river, in village Melsztyn.The castle is currently being reconstructed. Footage made at sunrise.
  15. Castle Kamieniec

    Castle Kamieniec

    Kamieniec Castle from the bird's eye view. Ruins of a 14th-century castle on a rocky hill, housing a seasonal museum.
  16. Drone View | Tropsztyn Castle

    Drone View | Tropsztyn Castle

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  17. Drumsagard

    Tantallon Castle, East Lothian, Scotland

    A short film from my trip to Oxroad Bay in East Lothian on Saturday. I was there to photograph & film Tantallon Castle just after sunrise and I couldn’t have picked a better morning for it as the early light was stunning.
  18. Proffy

    Famoust Rundale Palace and its magnificent garden!

    Palace - The representation rooms in the eastern wing of the palace – the Gilt Hall, the White Hall, and the Great Gallery – are open to the public. The central block accommodates the Duke's suite with reception parlours and private rooms, and the eastern block – a fully restored suite of...
  19. RonanCork

    Drone footage of a 16th century Irish Castle

    Hi Guys, Hope your all well. I'd like to share a recent video I put together of a castle in the town of Midleton, Cork, Ireland. 16th century Irish Castle in Cork, Ireland Hope you like it (I edited using Da Vinci Resolve v16) Thanks Ro
  20. C

    Vulkaneifel, Germany

    The long version of my holiday in the (Vulcan) Eifel in Germany. The best shots were made with the Spark, bit surprising because the mavic 2 zoom really gives better footage, but the best drone is the drone you have with you. It contains quite some long shots, you are warned. More than 8...