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check list

  1. D

    Flight #5, Crash #1

    Flew in the yard yesterday to test the prop guards. Recently I've been working to get familiar with the menus, so I don't miss something important, and so that I am able to find important things in a hurry when I need to. I can fly the drone fine, but get confused easily when something...
  2. D

    Christmas Day First Flight - Firmware?

    Hey all happy holidays. Tomorrow I unbox my Mavic Pro Plat. I have been reading a lot and watched a ton of videos even before selecting for purchase. The big question for tomorrow is firmware. I don’t know what version it shipped with and I thought I read the app forces you to update during...
  3. KBerrah

    Preflight check list. A short & simple one.

    Hi everyone, Quick Preflight Check List V0.5 by KBerrah posted Jun 6, 2017 at 12:16 PM I'm trying to build a quick "Mavic Pro Flight Check list" for newbies like me. I would appreciate your feedback for corrections or improvements with your experience, as I'm sure I forgot some important steps...
  4. KBerrah

    Check in from Switzerland, Vaud.

    Hi everyone, new and happy owner of a MP here in Switzerland, Vaud. Mavic Pro is an incredible toy ! clearly the next right step after using a flight simulator ;) Is there a way to share safe flight spots and routes per country on this site ? Safe fly. Karim