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  1. winkiel82

    Pro Warsaw 2022

  2. S

    Mini 2 Peterborough Rowing Lake

    I have lived in Peterborough in the UK for nearly 40 years and in that time it has transformed dramatically as a city. However it has been getting a lot of bad press about being the worse place to live in the UK. I originate from London and based on what it is like now I would never...
  3. J

    Air 2s Night shots of Columbus, OH

    Took my Air 2S out tonight for its maiden night flight (yes, I got a strobe (Vifly) to attach to it). I knew the gimbal worked great for video work, but I was very interested to see how stable the drone would stay when shooting longer exposure stills. Well, 1.6s at 400 feet with a 16.5mph wind...
  4. DroneTinker

    Mini 2 Cinematic Video of Antequera, Spain - 4K

    Shot on DJI Mini 2
  5. Z

    2 Pro Beautiful Ukraine

    Hey Everyone! As a lot of you know the current situation in Ukraine going on with the invasion from Russia. I was born there so it definitely was not pleasant hearing about that. I had the Opportunity to visit Ukraine about 5 months ago and had managed to capture quite a bit of footage. Here is...
  6. Patman Droneography

    3 Downtown Battle Creek, MI Night Flight Christmas Light Display 2021

    Its Incredible how much better the camera quality is on the Mavic 3 then the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I used the Mavic 3 for Aerial shots and used my iPhone 13 Pro Max on a DJI Osmo 3 Gimbal.
  7. Yaros

    How legal is it to fly in/over Benidorm, Spain?

    Hello, I live on the island of Mallorca, Spain and fly here regularly without any issues. I'm a registered pilot, have a license and everything. In december I want to visit Benidorm, it has one of the tallest buildings in Spain and in general pretty nice place (have been there before). But I'm...
  8. Korrd

    Air 2 This is Flight | Exploring Montevideo

  9. K-Castello

    Air 1 Tilt-Shift'in things

    My biggest hobby is photography ... I also have a small collection of old cameras. One of these is Horseman VH ... system camera, with which you can do Tilt-shift. If you do this from a certain angle, everything will appear to be miniature. Of course you can also do this with software ....
  10. Deluge in  Nowa Huta. Graduation tower.

    Deluge in Nowa Huta. Graduation tower.

  11. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    2 Pro Flying over Centralia Community College during lockdown.

    Centralia College is a shining beacon of education set in the rural landscape of forests and farm fields that blanket the rolling hills and valleys of Southwest Washington. I had the opportunity to film this video during this past summer after the campus had been closed and I could safely fly...
  12. Krosno old town from the bird's eye view

    Krosno old town from the bird's eye view

    Krosno old town from the bird's eye view
  13. Night shot of a city block as people get ready to face the long night

    Night shot of a city block as people get ready to face the long night

    Another one from the mavic mini. This time a single HDR shot from a block of the cith of buenos aires. Not a bad result asll things considered.
  14. Night panorama over Buenos Aires

    Night panorama over Buenos Aires

    Taken with a mavic mini in order to determine how well it could do. Not a bad result, for such a small drone.
  15. The most astounding sunset I've ever seen

    The most astounding sunset I've ever seen

    I saw it from street level and had to run back to my apartment, get the drone, run to the rooftop (then back downstairs because I had to authorize the flight), go upstairs again (then back down because it was too dark and the drone refused to takeoff), go back upstairs with two 1000-lumen flashlight
  16. Astoundingly beautiful sunset over Buenos Aires

    Astoundingly beautiful sunset over Buenos Aires

    No, this is not some fancy color edit. I managed to capture this astonishingly beautiful sunset over Buenos Aires with my drone just this evening. The result of HDRing this shot is absolutely stunning. I wasn't expecting this while shooting it. One hell of a view to enjoy. Atmospheric refraction doe
  17. heyengel

    San Francisco in Quarantine

    A short film using the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Air 2, Osmo Pocket and Sony A7riii. It has been quite a surreal experience seeing the empty streets of San Francisco as people stay at home. I wanted to capture this point in time so we can reflect back when this is all over. This short film goes...
  18. Drone UK

    Cinamatic City Video During a Quite Sunrise

  19. m80116

    NightFly - a Mavic Mini CinePATHIC Night clip

    OK, here's a CinePATHIC Mavic Mini short movie clip, entirely shot with the little critter and put together using my usual cursing and misery resources. 1080p 29.97fps worked directly on memory card, old fashion disk drive and 2013 editing software. Most footage is shot at 25 fps and sped up to...
  20. Drone UK

    Drones got me an Invite to a Penthouse

    I have filmed a city skyline a couple of times and the footage is very well received and i eventually got an invite to visit a penthouse in the city which was amazing. Mod Removed Duplicate Video. See It Here i was invited to view a Penthouse