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class c

  1. C

    Where to fly in Montreal

    Hello everyone, new Mavic pilot here. I live near the parc Maisonneuve in Montreal. Thats near the olympic stadium. That spot is, according to the government’s UAV map, out of the radius no fly zones of any helipad or airport. BUT.... it is in a Class C SFC to 3000ft Copy paste from the...
  2. Calhoun Ranger

    Airspace authorizations and newer firmware

    I recently crashed my Mavic beyond repair due to pilot error. Can't blame the Mavic one bit, just a split second lacking "situational awareness" on the part of the pilot, me. I have a replacement Mavic on the way which I intend to update all the way up. I have a standing airspace...
  3. S

    When is a Class C Warning 'Just' a Warning

    I am on holiday at the moment in Dublin, Ireland (my hometown returning from abroad) and was forced to download the latest NFZ data by the DJIGO app. Earlier the same day I ignored the request to update only to have the app disconnect several times over the sea at close proximity so finally I...
  4. AlanTheBeast

    Class C airspace warning

    This is in Canada. I'm flying more that 5 NM from an airport. The TCA class C airspace begins at 1500' ASL, ground level here is at about 130' ASL. I sometimes (not always) get a class C airspace warning in DJI GO - and sometimes (less often) need to check off some boxes acknowledging same...