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compass calibration

  1. A

    MA Compass Calibration - DJI Go 4 app vs Litchi app?

    I’ve seen far too many posts regarding the frustration of wanting to fly but unable to, due to persistent compass calibration requests by the DGI Go 4 app. I also have received this and it seems to coincide with traveling some distance from the previous location where a flight was successful...
  2. A

    Mavic Air compass calibration error - couldn't fly

    Hi everyone I'm a new MA owner and decided to get into the mountains (Cederberg) is Western Cape, South Africa. Only to find that when I did try to launch, I got the compass calibration error again and again, and ended up not being able to fly at all. Really annoying when you travel into such...
  3. C

    Magnetic Interfence with Compass

    Hey guys, I’ve had my Mavic Air for about a month and it’s worked great so far and have only had to calibrate the compass about 3-4 times. Last weekend I took it to the beach for the first time and tried to fly it but the compass kept saying there was magnetic interference. I just got an...
  4. S

    Compass issues

    I know this topic has been done to death but I was wondering if anyone has had issues calibrating their compass in the mountains. I am in Geiranger, Norway at the moment and had a scary experience with my drone where it had compass warnings out over water a few 100 meters behind a cruise ship...
  5. L

    Cannot calibrate compass

    When I try to calibrate the compass the app doesn't move passed the rotate horizontally screen. Screen shot below. I'm rotating the drone, of course, and I've watched some videos showing how to calibrate the compass correctly. Does anyone have an idea why this isn't working? I'm using the...
  6. Brian_MavicPro

    Another Compass Calibration, Seriously?

    My Mavic Air seems to require a compass calibration each time I fly. Indoors, seems to be mostly normal but outdoors is another story. I fly in rural areas over forest, lakes, waterfalls. Today I launched from a frozen lake. My Mavic Air needed the usual compass calibration dance (3X) and my DJI...