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  1. J

    Using Micro USB with Apple Mac computers (compatibility issues)...

    My Mac computers (both an iMac and a Mac Pro) are unable to read the 128GB microSD card from my Mavic 2 Zoom. I was trying to offload the video I shot with my Zoom, and my Macs would not even recognize/mount the microSD card. When I inserted the card, I a window popped up that said the device...
  2. J

    Focus Functionality Question

    Have read a number of discussions on the Mavic Pro series REQUIRING you to tap the screen to focus the camera. Is this truly the case. AND now with the MP2Zoom, is this also the case or does the new feature of autofocus eliminate the need to take that additional step of touching the screen to...
  3. Matahariku

    OnePlus 6 compatibility with Mavic Pro

    Hye Guys, does anyone tried to pilot the Mavic with the brand new phone OnePlus 6 ? I'l thinking about changing my phone but i'd prefer to check if i'll be able to use it with my drone... Thanks !
  4. mfc

    Anyone used the Mavic RC with Xperia L2 phone

    I've been looking for a 5.5"-screen phone for use with my Mavic Pro. The Sony Xperia L1 looks good as it is (relatively) inexpensive -- however its internal memory is 16GB and Android seems to fill 3/4 of that at startup. 32GB seems the way to go -- and hence the L2 -- but the latter is 9.8mm...
  5. acurth

    Samsung S8+ Video Monitoring Problems

    I spent some time searching the forum but couldn't find an up-to-date note regarding compatibility of the Samsung S8+ and the Mavic Pro with it's latest available firmware through DJI GO 4 (End of Dec 2017). The initial test my friend did a few weeks ago got his Samsung S8+ connected with the...
  6. thefrisbee995

    Shipping Mavic From France to UK (eBay)?

    So I'm looking at buying a Mavic and maybe replacing my P4P. I have seen a listing on eBay for £850. This is a lot cheaper than in UK stores. Does this sound legit to you guys? I've bought "bargains" from Australia before and they have resulted in me paying fat import fees. This should be fine...