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  1. M

    Can't activate / connect DJI MINI 2, help!

    Hi there, I got the DJI Mini 2 yesterday but I can't link it; I already tried most of the tutorials on DJI channel but still unable do link, I tried the normal and the manual method. Also I already charged both the controller and the drone; I tried with and without microsd. I had the DJI Mavic...
  2. T

    Should I buy an iPad with cellular to fly my Mavic Air 2?

    Hi guys, Do you need to have an iPad with cellular to fly a Mavic Air 2, if you are using GPS? Thanks.
  3. southskene

    Connecting M2ED to PC via USB

    Hi All I am having trouble connecting my Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual to my Windows 10 PC using the supplied USB-C cable. Due to the fact that the drone is password protected, I am unable to access the internal storage when connected to the PC. The drone appears as a connection, but as a "network"...
  4. J

    can any one help. might of bricked my drone doing a roll back

    hi new to the forum and praying some one can help me. ive just followed digdat0,s guide to roll back the firmware and change the perimeters but i made a mistake and didnt realise i was ment to add an internal sd card i tried to flash it twice both times stopped at 82percent then it would no...
  5. J

    Solution to Crystal Sky Won't Connect to Mavic Pro

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I'm just trying to help. A lot of people like me couldn't get Crystal Sky to show "connected" to the Mavic Pro RC. Lots of advice is around the site here about powering on in different ways. This didn't work for me. I stumbled on this: The usb cable...
  6. Amarand

    Mavic Air and Goggles

    I received the Mavic Air and DJI (White) Goggles today. After getting the RC and the aircraft paired, I updated all the firmware across the board, and took the Air outside. I was able to take off and land a few times, but stopped because it was going to be raining soon. So I took the party...
  7. B

    iPhone won't connect to Mavic. Help!

    New here and in need of some help... I bought my Mavic Pro drone three days ago. After multiple attempts by both myself and a more experienced friend, I still have not managed to get my iPhone/DJI Go App to connect to my drone. Have not be able to connect OR get a camera feed. Current status +...
  8. Member

    DJI Mavic privacy / backdoor

    After reading the news about the new firmware coming up which will enforce re-registering, make you accept a new privacy policy and will in long term likely force all Mavic usage out of cities, I have started the process of trying to save its current state so I would no longer be dependent on...
  9. M

    Lake drowning - and next steps

    Unfortunately the mavic got fully submerged in a local fresh water lake I was filming on - user error - Next steps - I did Stuck it in rice for 3 days and got it to turn back on. However, now the RC does not want to connect to mavic, shows its forever connecting - and also the gimbal is...
  10. J

    Iphone 5s fail to connect to Mavic Pro

    Hi guys, I've recently got my hands on mavic pro. With lots of hope and expectations I went and charge up my batteries and RC hoping I could give it a test flight ASAP. To my disappointment (and lots of frustration) I could not get my iphone5s to connect my mavic pro via DJI GO 4 I've tried...