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connection problems

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    Mavic Air Drifting Away???

    Hey guys, So the last 2 times I launched my Mavic Air, it just starts drifting away on it's own. It won't respond to the controls at all. IMU is calibrated, compass is calibrated, 13 or more GPS locked on. Everything looks to be just fine. It finally responds after a very stressful 30...
  2. T

    Mavic Pro Plat - Will not Connect on Android but did originally

    Hi ALl, I have a new Maic Pro Platinum 3 weeks old. It connected no problems 3 weeks ago, and RC and drone all worked fine with my Android S6. Now 3 week later the same phone will not connect. I have re-downloaded the app ect, and still no luck. I then downloaed the app onto a another android...
  3. L

    The remote control can't connect to the drone

    Hi A couple of weeks ago I bought a Mavic Pro. Most of the time the controller can't connect to the drone/gimbal. I use an Iphone 7 plus. With good space on it. I have tried three different cables between the phone and the controller. And both of the cable connections on the controller. The dji...
  4. M

    max distance issue

    Hey Guys I don’t know if this the right place to post, but I have a question. I am loosing connection to my mavic at 800m distance normally one can go to 6000M (that is what dji say ) All my settings are at max distance and max alti. I have 21 satellites at my disposal. I am not recording...
  5. W

    Mavi annoyances

    I've been flying P3P's for about two years and decided to try the Mavic Pro as a more portable solution - realizing that portability always has some compromises. While the thing flies beautifully and the camera is fine, there are a couple of real annoyances that I'm struggling with - 1. The...