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controller battery

  1. milovan

    Can the controller’s battery last 3 Mavic Mini batteries?

    or even 4? thanks!
  2. T

    Mavic Pro Controller Battery

    I unpacked the bag and was getting ready for a flight. The controller batter was at 3%, ****. It has now been on the charger for 12 hours and it finally made it to 37%. Any others experiencing the issue?
  3. N

    Different Controller Models (GL200A)??

    I recently bought a second controller used on ebay hoping to have my wife co-pilot a little bit. I very much doubt one of the controllers I now own is a knock-off, but have noticed a few differences and I wanted to know what was considered "normal." I bought both controllers on ebay used, but...
  4. Sauws

    Mavic Air Controller battery life isn't great?

    Hi guys, I used to flying around with my Phantom 3 and Spark. Now that I have the Mavic Air Combo, I've noticed that the controller barely last 6 fly sessions. And then it takes up over 2 hours of charge time before it's fully charged again. It seems that the controller has way less battery...