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  1. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Vanlife Turkey

    Happy Sunday friends :) Have you ever wondered how expensive (or how cheap 😀) it is to travel Turkey with your van or motorhome ? New video is live (including some cheeky drone shots at Lake Salda and the Datca Peninsula) !
  2. RonanCork

    What to charge for a client (photos and video) - construction site

    Hey Guys, Ok - this might be a slightly broad question so apologies in advance ;-) I've the opportunity to do a few photos/videos for a local builder on his construction site (a house build). I've only had a drone for about 6 months (Mavic Air) or so but am confident enough to operator the...
  3. B

    Refurbished Mavic pro with fly more kit price?

    I wrecked my Mavic and sent it in for repair and I believe they will be sending me a refurbished one. Being impatient, I bought another used one in the mean time. The one I bought is practically new so I will be selling the refurbished one when it returns with a fly more bundle. DJI refresh...