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crash logs analyse

  1. A

    Looking for help analyzing Mavic Air crash Data, DJI giving me runaround

    Hello, I am new to forum. I recently had a crash with a relatively new Mavic Air. It was responding fine and then suddenly it said it was resetting home point while in mid flight. That got me scared as I had lost sight of the drone. I hit return to home and it landed but not where I was, I made...
  2. M

    Flight Log - Can you help me analyze and solve my crash problem

    Hi guys, I created this thread (Crashed and went into sea water - Help please) a few days ago and would like some help from you now on analyzing the log of the flight when the Mavic lost the connection, went in ATTI mode until crashing on a rocky wall and falling into the sea water. This is...
  3. J

    Ocean Crash - Resolved

    Hi! I would appreciate it so so much if someone could examine my flight logs, short story is I got disconnected from controller multiple times (phone and drone) and had no control of mavic and it crashed into the ocean and DJI won't honour warranty or care refresh (ocean crash refresh not...