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crashed mavic pro

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    First Crash MPP; Gimbal can't recieve main controller data

    Friday 9-6-19 I got bit buy the compliancy bug and watched the camera the entire time I was flying a rolling shot. Long story short by the time I looked up the drone was about 3 foot from a tree and when I hit the opposite direction on the stick it had an unusual amount of lag before it...
  2. J

    Crashed, lost drone

    Hi everyone. New to this and new to drones. I was just flying my mavic pro and the wind took it into a building and it went down (80m+) I've got no signal to the drone, I've found a propeller next to the base of the building but still no drone Although the propeller is not broken at all, I got...
  3. M

    Opinions please! Crashed Mavic Pro - EXCHANGE

    Hi guys, A few weeks ago, I crashed my Mavic Pro, it went into the sea water (recovered after 30 sec.), left on rice over a week and the drone was working, connecting with GPS, I just didn't fly again. So, now I was trying to solve it and went into a DJI Store here in Thailand and the guy there...
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    Flight Log - Can you help me analyze and solve my crash problem

    Hi guys, I created this thread (Crashed and went into sea water - Help please) a few days ago and would like some help from you now on analyzing the log of the flight when the Mavic lost the connection, went in ATTI mode until crashing on a rocky wall and falling into the sea water. This is...
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    Crashed and went into sea water - Help please

    Hi guys, Well, I crashed my Mavic Pro about 10 days ago and wanted some help now to know what action should I take. I was flying from a boat on a place closed by high rocky walls here in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. The drone took off and suddenly it lost the GPS connection going into OPTI mode and...
  6. A

    Crashed my mavic pro, need help to find/localize it

    I crashed my mavic and have DJI care refresh for 1 more month active. I tried to find, went out to the area but without the exact location it s impossible. I m new to the forum. Shortly the story: This happened back in December. I took out my drone to fly at a bike trail, the dji 4 app crashed...
  7. T

    Mavic pro crashed

    Hello all. I recently just crashed my mavic pro. I am going to need a new upper/mid frame. I will also need a new gimbal flex cable and metal camera cable. left front and left back motor with arms are also needed. Can anyone give me a estimate of how much it will cost to repair if i have the...