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  1. RonanCork

    Great photo - did I use Style->Custom of "0/0/0" or "0/-2/-3" ?

    Hi Guys, Hoping you can help me with this ? Not sure if I've the correct sub-forum but you can let me know. On my Mavic Air recently I've been trying out differing 'style settings' (i.e. Sharpness / Contrast / Saturation) for taking photos . As you know it defaults to "Standard" (which is 0 /...
  2. 00Nic

    How can I check custom clearance for drone for a country?

    Hi! My wife and I are planning to have a long journey across many countries for our honeymoon. How can i check if I can take with me the MP without having issue at each customs? Any of you have had some experience to help me? In specific, I'll flight to Hong Kong first (but here I won't use my...
  3. O

    Reflective skin

    Thought people might be interested in my new skin. It's the same reflective grade used on US road signs. In regular light it looks mostly white, with some glittering. But if the sun catches it right, or I use a headlamp it is SUPER visible, useful if it goes down in the woods. Because the vinyl...