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damage gimbal

  1. K

    Loose gimbal/camera

    I recently bought a Mavic off of eBay but I’m not sure if something’s wrong with the gimbal. It seems pretty loose when it’s off to the point where if I hold it side ways it turns and hits the side. Not sure if this is normal or not
  2. IMG_20181019_181049.jpg


    gimbal turned around, need advice on whether I can just turn it around
  3. G

    Crashed my new Mavic Pro, please help me repair it

    I’ve crashed my Mavic Pro an hour ago. I thought I would never do any damage to it, so I wanted to save the money and I didn’t buy the DJI Care Refresh. Looks like my skills are not as good as I’ve thought... The gimbal plate is bent and broken, flat ribbon is cut. The silver cable and camera...
  4. P

    Damaged Gimbal before I received My Mavic

    Hi all I received my Mavic Pro yesterday after a long long wait only to open the box and find the gimbal clamp incorrectly mounted and the rear casing of the gimbal snapped off. I am now in the process of going through the process of getting a replacement from DJI. Has anyone else seen or...