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dat fliles

  1. Prismatic

    Data security and DJI

    There are several threads about the DJI Assistant 2 software being flagged--by several different virus scanners--as infected. (That concern is largely countered with "Norton sucks!", "False positive!", "They're working on it.", and similar arguments.) But in these times, what would be the...
  2. Y

    POLL: Which 01.03.xxxx AC firmware version is the best?

    Were there any other significant changes between versions 01.03.0200 and 01.03.0900 which have particularly affected this community? I understand AC versions 01.03.0900 (and earlier) permit the most straightforward DAT file exportation from the AC, and that versions 01.03.0700 and earlier...
  3. Y

    Quick guide: How to obtain flight data from your drone (for dummies!)

    These steps just worked for me: Make sure you're connected to the internet. 1) Uninstall whatever version of DJI Assistant 2 you are using. 2) Restart your computer. 3) Go here: Old Software Links, etc. (Downgrades) 4) Download DJI+Assistant+2+1.1.6.exe 5) Open DJI Assistant 2 v1.1.6 6) Plug...
  4. Lykus

    DJI Assistant 2 Data Viewer .DAT file loaded but no data

    In a recent fly, my MP went rogue and had a crash. I exported the .dat file from the Assistant 2 software. But when I load the file to the Viewer, there is no data displayed on the graph. See picture. What's the right way to do this?
  5. abeazzy2

    Please help- crashed my Mavic yesterday and would like to upload flight log

    I crashed my Mavic Pro yesterday and was able to view the flight on DJI GO4 but would like to upload it here for some feedback. All advice is fully appreciated. I cant seem to find out how to upload the flight log. I have downloaded DJI assist and i have the DAt files but nothing has been...