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  1. T

    Homepoint change

    First time flying in the desert and near a mountain. I was flying over the desert at Sycamore Creek a couple days ago. I was about 300 feet above my truck following a mountain ridge. I had my range limit set about 4000 feet away. All of a sudden my home point changed and I didn't realize...
  2. Jim D

    2 Pro Utah Badlands & Henry Mountains

    Pano shot manual, processed and stitched in ACR
  3. Jim D

    2 Pro Valley of the Gods Sunset

    Pano shot manual, RAW, 5 shot bursts, processed in ACR, median blended, stitched in ACR.
  4. nadavrub

    2 Pro Mesmerizing views from Mt. Ardon

    Practicing my drone flying skills while climbing the 250 meter steep walls of Mt. Ardon. Hope you enjoy !!! CRANK UP THE VOLUME & SET FULL SCREEN
  5. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Red Mountain and the San Francisco Peaks

    The San Francisco Peaks are the lonely sentinels of the plateau country that stretches in undulating flatness to the edge of the enormous chasm of the Grand Canyon. Here these towering volcanoes stand, Humphreys peak, the high lord Flagstaff, proud Kendrick Peak, and shattered Red Mountain - the...
  6. Desert Hawkeye

    Hey from the Mojave Desert

    I'm a documentary filmmaker and run and just bought my first drone - the Mavic 2 Pro and am thrilled to find this forum. Seems like a great resource. Also can't wait to use it to get some aerial shots in some of my upcoming projects. Originally from Davenport, Iowa, but now I...
  7. KangaAir

    The way to San José by Mavic Air

    Where the deserts of Southern Spain and the Mediterranean present a unique beauty & lifestyle.
  8. Prismatic

    Wheel of Stone in the Sky: a natural wonder in Utah

    Mexican Hat Rock, Utah This 3-minute video revolves around an immense balanced rock in southern Utah. I used a Mavic Air, and edited the 4K/30fps source to this, published as 1080p/30fps with a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack. Remarkably, Mexican Hat Rock has no special protection: it's not a designated...
  9. thefrisbee995

    Mavic Meets Canary...

    Went away for a week in Fuerteventura which is one of the Spanish Canary Islands last week and came back with some pretty awesome footage. Only some of it is in the video I made but if you are a Mavic Pilot, I'd defiantly recommend the place if you're bringing your drone. Only annoying thing is...
  10. Z

    Route 66 New Mexico, Mountains, a Mesa, Canyon, Trains.

    Stopped and got this footage on my way from California to Texas!
  11. B

    Desert views of southern Utah

    Hey guys! I filmed this edit in the desert in Southern Utah. I think I got some cool shots flying next to the rock towers/hoodoos. I'd love to hear your feedback: