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  1. elich11

    How to make DJI GO behave on Android

    Hi, After trying for months with several devices, I think I have a way to make almost every medium, high-end device, run DJI GO App without video shutters/ delays/ disconnects. I managed to compress it to 2.5 min video: Here is the text description: 1. Factory reset the device. 2. Remove...
  2. TreeburnerCT

    Android Tablet Compatible w/ DJI Go 4

    Originally I planned to use my old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for flying my Mavic but unfortunately it's too old and gets no live video feed, so I've been using my regular phone, a Samsung S6 Active. However it wouldn't fit in the RC holder with a case on, the battery life leaves a lot to be desired...
  3. P

    Mavic and Litchi Waypoint

    Hi I am flying a Mavic with the Litchi app. During a waypoint mission that is about 4 km long (I am flying only one direction) the litchi disconnect and the drone stops and hoover. After about 30 sec the remote controller will start to RTH, I have contact with the drone with the remote...
  4. D

    Mavic Pro disconnect issues - DJI Support useless

    Hey all, New here to drone flying and the Mavic Pro is my first one. I've been flying R/C Airplanes for awhile. I just bought the Mavic Pro from BestBuy a week ago and have taken it out flying half a dozen times already. I've been experiencing issues with it disconnecting the video feed, and...
  5. ErikFoto

    iPhone 6 disconnects during flight

    I alternate between DJI GO 4 and Litchi on my iPhone 6. After normal start-up, take-off and a few minutes flight, the app reports "disconnected". All looks normal on the RC, which seems to maintain full control of the aircraft at all times. I pull out and then plug in the side connector to get...
  6. M

    Disconnects - normal or time for return?

    I've had my Mavic for 2 weeks, and I've flown about 7 hours with it. I have experienced approximately 5-10 disconnects where the app has indicated disconnected and I've had a hard time getting it to reconnect on my Note 4. Of those times, probably 3-4 have also had a controller disconnect. None...
  7. baweber

    Mavic is now useless

    Using latest software - My drone is unusable at this time - seems to get worse every time I use it. I now get almost constant warning messages - including "Disconnected" when Mavic and controller are within 50 feet! It is impossible to rely on the video as well as it is completely garbled...
  8. DebianDog

    If your monitor device fails shouldn't it still fly wth the controller?

    I was tracking and testing my theory that all the issues I was having were related to the USB type-C cable that came with my Mavic. I ran 7 flights back to back using an iPhone 6, the built in WiFi, iPad, and Nexus 6P using the bottom USB port and my own cables. Then I put the original...