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distance issues

  1. M

    Distance range < 125m

    Hi girls, guys, pilots, I have read a lot of posts on this forum that I found very interesting but nothing that exactly matches the situation I face now. I have got a Mavic Air that I brought with me in Iceland. I have made great footage so far, however I have issues with the distance range. I...
  2. M

    Frustratingly low distance obtainable with Mavic Air

    Does anyone else experience their Mavic Air having a seemingly low distance? I am traveling around the World for 4 months and going to places like Iceland etc when drone flying is quite safe, but since flying in areas like Greece and other places I have noticed that I can’t really get much...
  3. N

    Distance problem Mavic Air

    Hi Guys Took my new Air out today for its first proper flight (had a couple of tests in my garden) When I take off it the Air rises to about 4m then hovers in the garden test flights then it was about 1m in the Park I have calibrated the IMU twice have have calibrated the compass nearly every...
  4. ScubaBob

    Distance limitation when iPhone is not connected

    I haven't tried this yet but a friend of mine who has a Mavic with Goggles said that if he does not hook his iPhone to the RC that his distance, when using Goggles, is limited to 150 meters (I think that was the number he said) whereas when he is using the RC with his iPhone and NO goggles he...
  5. Belmont

    I can't seem to fly further than 3300 feet from controler

    I am using a Galaxy 8+ and running Litchi. No matter where I seem to fly I can at best only reach 3300 feet from the RC before my connectivity bar signal indicators drop off, then to red, and then nothing. Any thoughts on the matter?