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dji crystalsky

  1. Aerial-Pixel

    DJI GO 4 4.3.4 Update Now Available

    I logged into DJI GO 4 on my CrystalSky today and was pleasantly surprised that there was an update to 4.3.4 available.
  2. Aerial-Pixel

    CrystalSky and Lilliput A7s Monitor

    Has anyone used the Lilliput A7s as a secondary monitor with the CrystalSky? I have a pretty lengthy multi-day inspection job on a large building here in the area and the Client would like to be able to view as well. Instead of having him look over my shoulder the whole time I thought it may be...
  3. christopher1979

    CrystalSky Screen Recorder

    Good evening everyone, Has anyone found a good app that works with the CrystalSky that doesn't have any lag? I've tried az screen recorder via apkpure but the lag and transmission is terrible. Any thoughts and suggestions would be great!