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dji go4

  1. Yaros

    DJI Go4 doesn't work on Samsung A13

    DJI Go4 doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy A13, it just crashes on startup. Does anyone have the same problem?
  2. N

    DJI GO4 Point of Interest, not behaving correctly.(Mavic 2 zoom).

    Hello, I got a Mavic 2 zoom recently, I upgraded the firmware and all. And I installed the latest version of DJI GO4. When I try to use the point of interest, of the intelligent flight modes I get this problem: - I'm in p mode. - I enable the intelligent flight modes in the settings menu. - I...
  3. Towlem

    Storage space is full warning

    I have not got a lot of expirence with this as I am a newbie.. I only have about 15 hours of flight in.... Totalled one MP lesson learned!! My question is, where are the files stored on the iPad or phone. Each time I fly I clear the “cache” in DJI Go4 app but I continue to get the warning that...
  4. Prmath

    DJI GO4........ no precision landing.

    with that said, will the Litchi app be able to Precision land the 2Pro or the Zoom? TIA ..........
  5. I

    Stopping DJI Go 4 App crashing..simple fix

    Stopping DJI Go4 app crashing #mail. Been really annoying for a few days, DJI assist says all up-to date, but the app kept saying that firmware update was required.
  6. Calhoun Ranger

    Firewall on Android

    I am on Android 5.0.1 on a Samsung Note4. After carefully reading nearly every posting on the new firmware/app debate, I chose to install OS Monitor and NetGuard firewall, and block DJI apps from internet access. My phone is not rooted. These questions are very specific to those who use...
  7. dangerousdavekincaid

    DJI Go and DJI Go4 crash every flight?

    I have had my Mavic now for almost a month and every time the app turn off while flying. I have tried both DJI Go apps. I am using a new LG V20 and just with in the last week I had to switch out the LG phone because of other phone issues. So have install and re-installed the DJI Go app many...