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dji googles

  1. B

    MA2 and DJI Racing Googles

    Hello!! Do you know if any app or if there is a way to connect a MA2 with DJI Racing Googles? Thank
  2. DropTop-Mavic

    New User - Mavic Mini , Mavic 2 Zoom , DJI VR?

    Hi, Im Lee. New User. I own the Mavic Mini and also the Mavic 2 Zoom which is currently in for repair even though its had ZERO flights. I'll make a thread about it and explain with pics, but what I will say is .. partly my fault, but a big part of fault lays with the company I bought the extra...
  3. S

    DJI Googles

    Purchased used DJI googles. Connected to MAVIC-Pro. All works fine but the picture is not sharp. I was not aware of that until I went flying with freiend and could compared mine with his googles. We plan to test swapping googles between two mavic drones (identical), but before I do this I wanted...
  4. manspro69

    hello from Myrtle Beach area South Carolina

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the DJI scene, I recently bought myself a Mavic Pro fly more combo. I just wanted to say hello, and was wondering if there is any other droners in the area? I find camera setting one heck of a chore to figure out as a first time pilot. I'm used to qwads like Syma x5c...
  5. Garuda

    First flight with my DJI Googles (Sweden)

    Found my favourite droning spot, quiet and beautiful. I was very excited to do a real test flight with my new DJI Googles. A video does not capture the immersive and fun feeling you get with these on your face. But I really love them! Not only do they make it more fun, they are very functional...
  6. Artisam

    Selling my DJI Goggles for £425 + £20 delivery - Mint Condition

    Hi all I'm selling my DJI Goggles as I don't have the time to utilise them properly as I've just changed job. They are in mint condition as I've only used them once! Selling price is £425 + £20 delivery Let me know if you're interested. I'm putting them up for sale elsewhere so hurry if you...