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dji mavic 3 classic

  1. jaystechvault

    Autonomous Mission Planning For 3D Mapping / Photogrammetry Tutorial For The DJI Mavic 3 / Pro / Classic

    Hello all, I have compiled an extensive tutorial about flying large scale mapping and photogrammetry missions fully autonomously specifically on the Mavic 3 family drones (without SDK). This works on all 3 variants. The Mavic 3 (original), Mavic 3 classic, and Mavic 3 pro. This tutorial relies...
  2. A

    Is it possible to connect regular vr glasses to the dji mavic 3 classic?

    I don't want to spend €859 on glasses. I have a dji rc remote control and I think regular vr glasses should be enough. I would have the image from the glasses and control from the regular remote.
  3. C

    Mavic 3 Classic HUGE PROBLEM

    So my Mavic 3 Classic arrived today and was absolutely buzzing Opened the box everything was going well, updated to the latest filmware and then boom, about 30 error codes straight away I’ve tried downgrading and reupggrading filmware on the Drone and RC Tried doing it all outside and waiting...
  4. maurotandoi

    3 Lake Annone (close Lake Como) | HDR | HLG Profile | 4K 50 FPS

    DJI Mavic 3 Classic
  5. K

    Noob mistake resulting in crash

    With only 10 flights under my belt, I stupidly set the home point under a hemlock tree. During take off I even had to maneuver around the overhead branch which was about 40' high (should've been my first clue). After a short flight I hit RTH, while it was descending I realized what was about to...
  6. pommy

    Mavic 3 Classic image issue - send back?

    Having this issue with a new Mavic 3 Classic. All images have this “band” on the right-hand side, that runs top to bottom. It’s updated. I messaged DJI yesterday, no as response yet. Has anyone experienced this before? Check yours? Thanks, Pommy
  7. maurotandoi

    3 Night Mode vs HLG/HDR - Mavic 3 Classic - Lake Como, Italy

  8. maurotandoi

    3 HLG / HDR - Mavic 3 Classic 10 min over the Alps, Italy

  9. maurotandoi

    3 MAVIC 3 Classic & Filters ...awesome location (alps), what else?

  10. maurotandoi

    3 EXPLORING AN ABANDONED NATO BASE with Drone | DJI Mini 3 Pro & DJI Mavic 3 Classic | Travel Journal

  11. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Original Mavic 3 vs Mavic 3 Classic: Optical vs Digital Zoom comparison

  12. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 Sunsets and November landscapes - filmed with the Mavic 3 Classic