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dji warranty

  1. Adman21

    DJI Customer Service / Warranty Repair

    I sent my Mavic to DJI per their instructions for repair. My aircraft developed an "eyebrow" as most have deemed it. I provided a post-it pointer arrow on the aircraft clearly indicating the area in question. After their standard ground shipping from Oregon to Texas, then the "repair" period...
  2. L

    Motor failure

    New to the group looking for help, thanks in advance. Took the mavic out today, checked everything over before I took off. Accended about 20 ft and it was like a motor just failed or stalled. The front of the drone faced down and flew out of control until it wrecked. Drone will turn on but is...
  3. C

    Using ANY Third-Party Mavic Accessories VOIDS Your Warranty

    I just got off the chatline with a DJI support rep inquiring about which ND filters I should use on my Mavic. When I told him I had a bad experience using a third-party 6-piece ND filter set that gave me motor overload and gimbal warnings, he emphatically stressed to me that using ANY...